Enriched with Collagen and Keratin.


Enriched with Collagen and Keratin.


For very damaged hair. Enriched with Collagen and Keratin that penetrates the damages areas of the hair to repair and rebuild them from the inside out, restoring the cuticle's elasticity and firmness.

Collagen: Natural protein responsible for cell cohesion. Revitalizes hair and balances its hydrolipidic film. Grants the shaft elasticity, body and density.

Keratin: Restores the hair fiber lost protein, straightening it and making it more resistant, solid and robust. Integrates perfectly into the hair fiber, repairing and restructuring it.


Reconstruction Shampoo

Reconstruction Shampoo with Collagen and Keratin is ideal for very damaged hair.

Actions: Gently cleanses hair that has been chemically treated or weakened by atmospheric agents. It carries out an effective internal restructuring action. 

Use: Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse off.

Plus: SLS/SLES, Gluten and Paraben Free.


Reconstruction Mask

Reconstruction Mask with Collagen and Keratin is ideal for very damaged hair.

Actions: Penetrates the hair shaft and reconstruct the damaged, stressed and chemically treated hair structure with a nourishing and hydrating action. It restores vitality and shine leaving hair soft and easy to manage. 

Use: After shampooing, towel dry hair, apply to lengths and tips and comb through. Leave for 5-10 minutes, even under heat, rinse off.

Plus: Gluten and Parabens Free.


Juvitox Reconstructing Lotion

Anti Age Indulge Lotion without alcohol is ideal for very damaged hair.

Actions: Regenerating and energizing lotion to revive cellular functions of the hair bulb through the complex Phyto CELLTEC Malus Domestica based on active plant stem cells. Honey(Royal Jelly), Panthenol(Vitamin B), Collagen and Hydrolyzed Native Marine Elastin to slow aging, boost growth and strengthen the hair structure.

Use: Apply to the scalp after washing hair prior drying. Do not rinse.


Reconstruction Spray

Reconstruction Spray with Collagen and Keratin is ideal for very damaged hair.

Actions: Restores energy, body and texture to treated, dehydrated and stressed hair. Hair is strong, brilliant and vitalized without feeling heavy or sticky. The filming and compacting action of the Ceramides eliminates frizz and regenerates the entire hair shaft for a more natural and lasting hair. 

Use: Spray evenly over damp hair before blow-drying and style as desired.