Linange is a family-owned business developed out of a need in the market for effective yet clean products. The Perez family have over 20 years of experience in the hair care industry and are experts in the field of health and beauty. A day in their home is a day filled with love, care, and compassion, and they’ve poured all of these values into their product lines. After years of distributing salon professional products, they found a lack of technical products that were nourishing for the hair as well as effective in showing results. This inspired them to develop a product that’s 97% clean, but with the strength of the chemical formulas that are used in the market today.

Deeply focused on quality, Linange has leveraged its experience in the industry to work with manufacturers that make the best of their kind. This means Linange provides the highest standard of shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, serums, lighteners, hair dyes, and more. Since Linange has long-standing relationships with these sources, they’re able to develop their products at affordable prices and pass along savings to their customers to create an accessible yet reliable product.

Linange’s objective is to design a product that makes hair look and feel as good as what you put in it. The Linange philosophy is that if you look good you feel good, but if you feel good you also look good. Linange extends the conscious and healthy lifestyle of the Perez family into the lives that salon professionals touch.