Linange Mineral Nourishing Re-structuring Shampoo

Nourishing Re-structuring Shampoo

Cleansing treatment shampoo ideal for treated & weak hair. Thanks to the emollient factor of sweet almonds, hair recovers shine and tone returning to its natural beauty.

How to use: apply on wet hair and massage. rinse carefully and repeat the operation if necessary.


Nourishing Re-structuring Mask

The combined action of nourishing ingredients gives the hair softness, shine, and combing ease. indicated for dry, treated, and brittle hair. Linange mask gives hair volume and softness back to the hair. 

How to use: after the shampoo, apply the cream to the length of the hair with a light massage, and leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and proceed with the hairstyle.

Linange Mineral Nourishing Re-structuring Mask
Linange Mineral Conditioner Spray

Nourishing Re-structuring Conditioner Spray

It’s a new compound of advanced raw materials allowing instant hair reconditioning. Its high emollient properties help hairdressing and hair drying, making hair soft and shiny.


Nourishing Re-structuring Bi-Phase Spray

Extremely nourishing special formulation recommended for damaged and frazzled hair. The instant action of this product is enriched with soothing elements. It rebuilds hair, protecting and restructuring it. Further, it is a successful disentangling product that is able to restore hair’s brightness and softness.

Linange Mineral Bi-Phase Conditioner
Linange Mineral Essential Oil Phials

Nourishing Re-structuring Essential Oil Phials

This exclusive phial treatment with sunflower oil acts on the hair cuticle, smoothing it and leaving it extremely luminous. Its formulation, enriched with linoleic acid, is extremely important for healthy and beautiful hair. this product rebuilds and nourishes the hair fiber, leaving the hair visibly energized.


Nourishing Re-structuring Fluid Crystal

With its specific formulation of sunflower oil and linoleic acid allows the hair to cool under extreme heat providing softness and shine, and sealing the hair cuticle. In this way, the light will reflect natural hair without greasing it.

Use: to discipline and give instant shine, apply to wet or dry hair. do not rinse.

Linange Mineral Fluid Crystal