Ideal for dry and frizzy hair
    Extraordinary nourishment and hydration


This line of carefully formulated products helps deliver extraordinary nourishment and hydration to distressed  and dehydrated hair. With a formulation that includes Milk proteins, Keratin and Olive Oil this product line is ideal for dry and frizzy hair.



Linange Hydranourish Shampoo Shampoo with Milk, Keratin and Olive Oil is ideal for dry and frizzy hair. Its rich blend of Milk and Keratin extracts delivers extraordinary nourishment and hydration. It leaves hair silky soft and easy to comb.

Use: Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse off well.



Hydrating Mask with Milk, Keratin and Olive Oil.

The enriched formula with milk proteins and keratin leaves hair soft and easy to manage while restoring extra shine and eliminating static electricity. Its rebalancing anti-flyaway action makes it ideal for dry and frizzy hair.

Use: Apply to hair after shampooing, for excellent results leave on hair for 10-15 minutes then rinse off well.


Leave In

No rinse hydranourish spray mask, deeply nourishes the hair, prolonging the intensity and the brilliance of the color. Thanks to its precious active principles, leave the hair silky, restored and easier to comb.

Use: Shake well before using. Spray on wet hair lengths and ends. Do not rinse. Comb and proceed with normal drying.